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Howdy folks,

I grew up in a family owned business in Dallas, TX and learned early that the customer really is the King/Queen. My father and his mom bought the business in 1957 when I was 2 and grew it with excellent customer service for the next 34 years. I was invloved in it for 24 years of that from the time I was 12. That instilled in me that excellent customer service is the fundamental core factor to success. Excellent customer service top 3 attributes are:

1. Integrity 2. Honesty 3. Fairness

Many other practices such as great listening skills, asking clarifying questions, sharing product information and ideas, making recommendations based on our knowledge to help you accomplish your goals to name a few.

Carolyn grew up on a farm in the small town of Greeneville, TN with a hard working father and a loving mom who taught her the values and concerns of the normal hard working, God fearing families in America.

We both brought our Faith in Jesus and everything else to the table when we decided to start our store in July of 2007. WE UNDERSTAND THE NEED TO PROVIDE EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE OVER THE INTERNET WITH THE BEST PRODUCTS AT THE BEST PRICES.


Danny & Carolyn Prince

Afton, TN



Customer Service:877-907-0880



On ALL furniture orders Always inspect the boxes/crates for damage before you sign the freight bill. If there is any damage inspect the product. If it is damaged refuse the shipment, DO NOT sign the freight bill and contact me on my cell at 281-224-4603. My name is Danny Prince



Please notify us within 10 days of receipt of your order We will not charge a restocking fee in most cases except on furniture. Then we will only pass on what the manufacturer charges us plus the fees from our processor. If the manufacturer does not charge us, we will only pass along the fees from our processor.

Custom Orders are not returnable.

Cancellations for non custom orders:

All items may be cancelled at No Charge if cancelled prior to processing the order. If cancelled after processing only the charges that we incur will be passed along to you.

Furniture Cancellations:

All items may be cancelled at No Charge if cancelled prior to processing the order. Most of our Furniture is built from scratch as we get the orders. As a result they are Custom Orders and Subject to a Cancellation Fee Depending on what stage of the process it is in when you cancel. You will be advised at that time what the fee will be. Please call to initiate the process so that we may stop it at the earliest possible time and determine the charge to you. If it is too far along then it simply can not be cancelled.

If Hides or Leather has already been cut for your specific order you are responsible for those charges.


We use 3rd party Shipping Companies to get your order to you. We always shop the market for the lowest possible price with the best and most reliable carriers and will not shop cut-rate carriers.

All furniture deliveries are "Curb Delivery". Inside or "White Glove" delivery is not offered any more by the carriers

We will monitor your shipments and provide you with tracking #'s and ETA's.

Please advise us ASAP to any discrepancies between the information we provide you and what actually happens so that we can get involved with the Shipping Company and get it resolved.

If you have any questions regarding our Policies please contact us here

Call Toll Free 877-907-0880

or E-mail at danny@tennesseewebstore.com

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